1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  I've spent a few days (on and off) designing and fabricating my rear tube bumper.  It will also hold my Hi-Lift Jack as well.  I'm not sure if a CJ tailgate will clear the jack, but will investigate when I get to that point.  It is 2" x 3" and has two D-Rings points and a 2" receiver.  2011/04/08

  I've also spent the same few days (on and off) mounting the Super Winch, and modifying the Push Bar to clear it.  With the 1" body lift, the parking/turn lights are a little high, but OK.  The modification to the Bull bar included notching the top tube to clear the control box and provide clearance for the engage/disengage lever, as well as modifying the lower mount point to allow the bard to mount on top of the winch plate.  2011/04/08

  Installed the rear bumper (after the paint dried overnight) and took a few finished pictures.  After a short drive I re-measured the front, and between some spring settling and the winch weight, the front settled about 0.5", so I'm now setting about 1.25" higher at the bumper than when I bought the Jeep (from 18.75" to 20").  If I need a little of that back in the future, I'll go with some small lift shackles in the front.  2011-04-09

  I installed the new rear bump stops (darn rust and broken bolts), as well as the Lock-Right.  The Lock-Right I picked up in a complete rear axle along with two more rear axle shafts and drive shaft.  So I now have a rear locker and four spare rear axles and a drive shaft. I also checked the front differential, and the oil was clean and full.  I then drained and re-filled the transmition with fresh ATF+4.  2011-04-11