1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




Tires and Axles

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  Swapped Tires and Wheels with David (Son-in-law, Courtney's husband).  He needed a more fuel/driving friendly setup on his daily driver, and my 31's were what he needed.  His 33's look good on my YJ, but his shallow back spacing (3.75") causes the tires to stick out further than I like, and cause some clearance/rubbing issues.  Now to either find a set of 15x10" wheels with 4.5" of back spacing, or start doing some cleranceing.  I'd rather find the wheels, and will still need to do a little front clearance work.  2013-06-12

  Installed the 4 rear axle shims in place of the 6 ones I had installed, to better align the drive shaft and pinion.  I also trimmed the rear portion of the front fender openings approximately 7/8" in order to provide better tire clearance.  Installed the new 15x8 3.75" back spacing Pro-Comp Series 51 wheels to better fit the tires and gain some additional wheel clearances.  Still some rubbing at the top of the front wheels when the front axle is articulated to it's maximum position.  2013-07-03

  Well, after having completed the 1975 Jeep CJ6, I got back to finishing a few things on my YJ.  I had a new set of 5" Boomerang Shackles I bought from Jim at Crabtree Tool & Die, and it was time to install them and address some additional tire to wheel well clearances.  Removing the stock rear shackles upper bolts was the pits.  I had to cut them out as there was no way to drive the bolt out, as the fuel tank was in the way.  I even dropped the back of the tank, but the fuel filler stopped it from lowering enough to allow for clearances.  So once they were cut out the rest of the job went fairly painless and quickly.  Once I install the new lift springs, I'll install the proper lower bushings and grease-able bolts.  I also installed some 1/2" spacers between the axle bump stops and the frame, with the 5" shackles giving me a 1/2" of lift, the upward travel would remain stock, but I'd get a little more tire to wheel opening space.  Hopefully enough to keep the tires out of the body panels.  2013-09-12