1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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Paint and Reassembly

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  Well, after several holiday trips and battling either the flu, or one of the worst sinus colds I've ever had, and now being up against a dead line of getting the Jeep inspected and the license renewed by the end of the month, I ended up hiring out the painting.  I'd preferred to have painted it my self, but just ran out of usable time.  I still have a lot of little parts to paint my self, and to also bed line the inside of the tub, so stay tuned.  The color is the 2011-12 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Tan.  The paint looks great, it did come out more of a satin finish rather than a flat, but looks good and should be durable, just not as easy to touch up.  My body work was good, just not perfect or as nice as I did on the '46 Power Wagon, but for the Jeep it will be just fine.  2013-01-07

  Well, I set up my paint area in the shop, and proceeded to paint the underside of the hood and engine side of the tub, in the gloss version of the Sahara Tan, as compared to the flat/satin that is on the rest of the body.  I did this as I want these areas to be easily cleaned of any engine compartment crap.  However apparently I didn't properly prep the leading underside of the hood where it's painted flat, as when I pulled the tape, it lifted an area of paint.  looks like I'll have some touch up to to at a later point.  I've also started cleaning and prepping the miscellaneous parts for paint as well.  Next I'll paint the inside of the tub firewall black, and then prep the rest of the tub inside for the bed liner.  2013-01-08

  Painted the interior firewall black, as well as continued cleaning and painting miscellaneous parts, that is until I ran out of black paint.  2013-01-09

  Well, today was a full day of painting, prepping, and spraying the U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner.  2013-01-10

  After letting the fumes air out of the shop, I cleaned up a bunch of fasteners, and sanded the roll bar, then painted it all.  2013-01-11

  Started out the day by sorting out the fasteners I painted.  Only had three that I'm not sure where they go, at least for now.  As you can see the roll bar came out nice, the lower bed lined portion looks great.  I discovered that after all the engine, transmission and transfer case work, I a leak re-appear, so I had to hold off on installing the tub.  I looked it over, and found the oil coming from the weep hole in the transmission tail housing.  Figured it's the rear transmission seal, so I proceeded to pull the transfer case back off.  Well, guess what I found.  Apparently the transmission shop missed replacing the rear seal, as it still had the Chrysler penstar emblem on it.  So I called the shop, and they came out and gladly replaced it right after lunch.  He was surprised he missed it, but it was indeed the old seal and hard and brittle.  While I was waiting for them, I proceeded to clean up a lot on interior dash parts and wiring harness.  After the seal was replaced I re-installed the transfer case, and then proceeded to install the tub.  Next came the heat shields and emergency brake cables.  Then I proceeded to the tailgate.  Still have some paint to touch up, but it fits and works great.  A little engine side wiring routing, and installing the radiator support rods were next.  And last, but not least, with help from my neighbor, I installed the roll bar.   It sure looks a lot better, and much closer to being a driver again.  2013-01-12

  Well, a little more cleaning and painting.  I then started assembling the windshield for a test fit.  Dang I hate Jeep Windshield fit and hinges.  It's on but hinge quality and alignment is always an issue.  I'll pull it off and get the glass installed before it's final installation.  I also installed the Parking Brake assembly, Brake Pedal and Booster, as well has the Heater.  2013-01-13
  Boy, is the YJ Dash so much more complicated than the CJ's.  I sure wish it was a CJ, the dash would be done.  Spent a little time looking for the body shifter bracket, finally found it still setting in my parts washer.  At least I found it, I was getting worried looking for it.  This afternoons work was focused on the dash, but also installed the rear seat brackets as well.  2013-01-17

  Dropped the Windshield Frame off this morning to get new glass installed, should be ready on Monday.  Spent the afternoon finishing the dash assembly, and then installed the shifter bracket and adjusted the linkage.  I've also installed the fuel filler, and rear license plate.  Also the new seat belts and seats are installed as well.  2013-01-18

  Started out the day by making the final connections and double checking the electrical before starting the engine for the first time with the tub installed.  All went well, and after connecting the front drive shaft, I actually moved the Jeep under it's own power for the first time since 2012-08-29.  It was only a couple of feet, but she live again.  I then installed the rear bumper, and hood before heading off to a lunch meeting.  Right after lunch I had a couple of shady characters stop by from the MIJC.  But Frank and Jon are a couple of great guys, and it was a blast seeing them again since I missed the annual banquette.  After we caught up on things and they got a good look at the Jeep and my other projects, it was time to pull the Jeep out and go for it's first trip around the block after the engine/transmission rebuild.  WOW, it needs perhaps a little more tuning, and it was weird in front wheel drive, but she has plenty of pep, and I can even spin the tires now!  For the rest of the afternoon, I proceeded to attach the hood items, and front bumper.  I also started on the rear TJ fender flares and planning the front fender work.  Other than the front fender work, I need to start a punch list as it's the little things that will get you.  So below you will find the list.  2013-01-19

Jon captured my driving the Jeep out of the shop under its own power again for the first time with the rebuild.  You can see it HERE.

  A little work this afternoon.  I installed the Winch Hook Isolator and Front License Plate.  I also installed the rear fender flares.  I cleaned up the rear drive shaft and installed the new U-Joint, and measured the rear pinion angle.  The initial measurement shows 9 difference, but it doesn't look like that much in the photo.  I'll re-measure before I order a shim.  2013-01-20

  Started on the front fender modifications.  Since I'm going to just go with the TJ flares for now, and make my tube fenders later, I'm trimming the front fenders close to what I'll need in the future that will still allow me to install the flares.  The TJ Flare will extend further rearward than I plan on, so there will be some fender exposed inside the wheel well.  I'll also have to shorten the flares front overhang to align with the bottom of the YJ fender.  I picked up and installed the windshield.  I then installed the sound bar and bikini top.  I also installed the rear tail lights and swaybar disconnect links.  A lot of fender work left, but that is where the majority of the work is left to do.  2013-01-21

  Worked on the fenders again today.  Finished the drivers fender cut and patched the rusted areas.  I also started on the passengers side fender, fortunately it's not as rusted.  2013-01-22

  Finished the fender modifications and repairs, as well as the final fit and attachment points for the TJ Fender Flares.  I've not got the bare steel on the fenders primed, and will likely spend tomorrow sanding, filling, repeating in preparation for what I hope is painting the next day.  2013-01-23

  Well, started out the sanding, filling, sanding, repeating.  However the third coat of body filler didn't set up very fast, and I eventually gave up, and scraped it off and re-applied.  Apparently I didn't get enough hardener in it.  While I was waiting I did install the mirrors, and started the rear axle shim install.  Just need the longer spring pack bolts to finish the shim installation.  2013-01-24

  Long Day of sanding, prepping and painting on the front fenders.  Outer Color paint is on, now to paint the engine side gloss, and the fender wells black.  While waiting on the fill primer to dry, I tackled the rear pinion shim installation.  I had a 9 misalignment and bought 6 shims to get it close.  Well, with the 6 shims, the rotation of the pinion also moved it up approximately 1-2/3".  This meant the pinion angle was now approximately 1 too for in the other direction!  So after some measuring and drawing, I've discovered to correct my 9 angle issue, I only need 4 shims.  This will bring the pinion to within approximately 2 of being aligned, which is about perfect. If I then add the 1" longer shackles it should be about 1.5 off, still in the correct direction and acceptable.  2013-01-25

  Well, I replaced the front axle U-Joint that was bad.  Had to go back to O'Reilly's to get a good complete U-Joint, but while I was there I also picked up the needed wiper blades.  I also painted the inside of the fenders black, and the engine side Gloss Tan.  Additionally I also connected (not mounted yet) the marine amp for playing music from my phone or MP3 player. Tomorrow I hope to install the fenders, wiper blades and attach the Jeep decals.  That will leave me with needing the front fender side lights to be legal.  2013-01-26

  Connected the Heater Hoses, Installed the Wipers.  I also installed the front fender flares, and then the front Fenders.  WOW, are these fenders difficult and challenging to attach.  I tried to apply the "Jeep" Decals I ordered, but they were in no way the proper font/design.  Guess I'll have to order a set from a better supplier.  Next I need to order the front side lights, so I'm legal and mount the MP3 Amp in/under the dash.  I've got 57 days into the Jeep over the last 5 months, with 35 of the them in Body Work and Paint.  A lot of fun and learning.  2013-01-27

  Only a little work on the Jeep.  Spent most of the day taking down the paint booth, and doing some sorting and cleaning.  I did finish toping off the radiator, and installing the flywheel cover plate I'd forgotten to repair and install.  I also temporarily secured the MP3 amplifier until I get the CB, and make a mount to hold both.  2013-01-28

  Had to replace a brake caliper to get the brakes bleed properly.  But they are now working well.  I've also installed the driving lights, and temporarily connected the Air/Fuel Ration gauge for testing.  Took it for a couple of Cold quick laps around the block, and can't wait to get it out on a real road.  2013-01-30

    Activity sine the Paint and Reassembly have been completed
Punch List
Install Windshield
Repair, Modify Front Fenders
Paint Front Fenders
Install Front and Rear Fender Flares
Rear Pinion Angle Correction (6, but too much)
Rear Drive Shaft U-Joint and Install
Front Axle U-Joint
Rear Wiper Relay/Wire Cleanup
Clamp Muffler and get Tail Pipe bent and installed

Install MP3 Amplifier (Temporarily done)

Install Swaybar Disconnect Links
Connect Heater Hoses
Purchase and Install Front Fender Side Lights
Re-Bleed Brakes!