1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  Well, I decided to tackle the body mounts today.  Man what a mess.  I fortunately was able to remove 4 body bolts, but the other 7 all broke off.  I had to cut into the tub floor for three broken ones, the others were the two rear mounts, and one front and the radiator.  The only broken one not yet removed is the drivers side rear.  I'll have to cut into the rear body member to get it out.  The radiator mount point on the frame was rusted out, it was a 2" hole rather than the 1.125"!  I took a picture of the front drivers floor rust, don't look forward to cutting and fitting in that patch panel.  Both of the rear outboard seat mount bolts broke when removing the seats.  The floor pan was also cracked at both locations as well.  2011-03-25

  Installed the new Daystar 1" Body Mount Lift (KJ04505BK).  As the stock bushing/mount inserts were shoot, I built some new ones, and won't use the copper looking insert extensions.  I also lowered the radiator 1" rather than just the fan shroud.  I still need to fabricate some floor cover plates, but also repaired the two seat mount points.  The Jeep now sets 1.25" higher at the front edge of the fenders, and sets 1.5" higher at the rear edge of the tub.  I still need to install the 4 rear bolts, as I need slightly longer bolts than were in the kit, so the rear might settle down by a 1/4" when done.  You can visually compare the last image to the one as purchased (here) for a visual difference.  2011-03-27

  This afternoon I pulled the old front springs out.  As you can see, compared to the new ones, they have 1" less arch.  I need to get the final torque specification, and make sure everything is properly tightened, but I did do a short trip to settle things in and re-tighten.  I've gone from 7/8" of clearance between the axle and bump stops to 2-1/4".  That's 1-1/8" of additional arch installed.  It will I'm sure settle a little more, and then again some when I install the winch, but it sure sets a lot better now, and has a slight 1/2 front rake.  After everything settles in and the winch is installed, I'll have the front alignment checked to see if I need to get and install some new shims.  Overall the rear is now setting 1" higher and the front of the front fender is 2-3/4" higher and the front bumper is setting 1.75" higher than before the lift/springs.  You can visually compare the last image to the one as purchased (here) for a visual difference.  2011-03-28