1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  Now that I have it "home" I started the Initial Maintenance and TLC work on my Wrangler.  The tranny was where i started because of the very poor condition of the fluid.  The metal in the pan was not unusual, but I was surprised with the amount of flakes on top of the filter.  I doubt that the tranny had ever had the fluid and filter changed, but the bolts holding the pan on were NOT tight.  I didn't need a wrench, just a socket with a palm ratchet.  2011-03-02

  I dropped the rear cross member/skid plate and installed the new Mopar deep pan tranny oil pan with a new filter and filled it with fresh ATF+4.  I also drained and filled the transfer case with ATF+4.  I also pulled the exhaust off in preperation for a new TJ pipe.  The new deep pan came un-painted, so I painted it a nice color, so I'll definitely know when I hit things with it.  2011-03-04


Well, it was time to drop the oil pan and look thing over and prepare for a new high volume oil pump.  The lower didn't look any different than I expected, however I was greeted so a few chunks of what looked like the oil pan gasket in the bottom of the pan, but no sludge.  I inspected the timing chain, and well, I'll be installing a new timing set.  As you can see in that first picture, there is a LOT of play in the chain.  So I pulled the oil filter, and then pulled off the valve cover.  And much like the tranny pan, only 4 of the bolts required a wrench to remove, the rest were hand only removal.  With both so loose, it's clearly the reason for all the oil on the engine and tranny/t-case.  Well I was greeted with a lot of crud in the valve cover and on the rockers/head.  Three of the rockers did not have any oil in them, so I don't know if that's an issue or not.  I sucked out an many/much of the chunks as I could for now.  The oil pan had an axle dent in it, I'll straighten it out and install new axle bump stops.  2011-03-06

  Today I disassembled the front of the engine, well all that I could with out a harmonic balancer removal tool.  I pulled the radiator and AC condenser out, and will have the radiator cleaned and checked.  I don't think the AC condenser is in good enough shape to reuse as a tranny cooler though.  I also pulled and checked each of the push rods, and none were blocked or bent.  Since I'm there, I'm installing a new water pump, and thermostat.  The existing thermostat actually looked pretty ne, but since it's off, oh well.  The upper and lower radiator hoses were not very old, and perhaps the water pump isn't either, but not taking any chances since I'm this deep into the front of the engine.  2011-03-07

  After a quicker than expected parts run, I put in a long day finishing all but the radiator which I hope to have tomorrow.  After pulling off the harmonic balancer I got a good look at the actual slop in the timing chain, as well as the crud in the timing cover.  It looks like the timing chain oiling system was mostly plugged.  I installed the new chain set, water pump and thermostat after cleaning things up.  I also installed a new belt and the new valve cover.  Next came the new rear main seal, and then the new high volume oil pump.  Once that was done, I moved on to re-installing the oil pump.  Once the engine was all buttoned up I moved on to installing the new exhaust.  The new TJ pipe and O2 sensor went on just fine, and I extended it to the Hush Power II muffler I had left from the M37.  I re-used the old pipes hanger and made a new one for the muffler outlet side.  I was then able to re-install the skid plate.  Now all that's left is to install the radiator and tranny cooler and fill the crank case with oil.  I hope I got everything right.  When I placed the old oil pump with some of the other parts a lot of crud chunks fell out.  After today's work I'm sure the oil pan was recently replaced, probably the same time as the starter.  That explains why it was so clean on the inside as compared to the valve cover and timing cover.  The old one probably rusted out, just as the old radiator was.  2011-03-08

  Don't you just hate it when you put a motor back together, and pour in the fluids, and they run out the other end!  Well, it was the thermostat housing, same problem I had on the 49 Power Wagon engine.  I picked up the radiator today, and installed it, the tranny cooler, and hoses.  Installed the air cleaner, and made a CCV valve hose, and filled the jeep with fluids.  I pulled the fuel system fuse and coil wire, then cranked her over a few time until I had oil pressure.  Then reconnected the fuse and wire, and she fired right up.  With $820 in parts and 6 days of TLC, Maintenance and some repairs and the Jeep is on the road again.  It was cold and misty, so I only did two laps around the subdivision.  All looks good, and I topped off the fluids, now for a warmer, dryer day.  The engine runs quieter and now I can hear the manifold leak at the collector.  Darn, I guess I should have replaced it after all.  Not as much low end punch as I'd hoped after the work, but once the RPMs build it seems good.  The 3.07 gears and 31x105.0 tires don't help the pep issue.  2011-03-09

  Installed the New Front Bump Stops.  Now I only have about 1" of travel before they make contact, but the Jeep should not hit the oil pan like it had some time before I bought it.  I also removed the AC system, that is all but the compressor.  I hope to use the compressor for an on-board air pump.  I also installed a new fuel filter.  2011-03-10
    Took the Jeep for a 20 mile drive, and it was nice to drive, but wish it was warmer.  I can now hear and notice a miss in the engine at 50+ MPH. Hope it's just plugs or something like that, guess it could be an injector.  Oil Pressure after the engine was warmed up, was about 30 psi at cruising speed (~2K RPM) and around 18 psi at idle (~500 RPM). You could see when the thermostat was opening and closing while running down the road, the water temperature gauge moving from about 215 to about 190, back and forth.  She does smoke (blue) while idling, so it's burning some oil. The exhaust has a drone in it that I'm not sure I like. may have to replace the muffler I installed.  Other than the miss, the next thing is to decide is what I'm doing about front springs. I need more than 1" of travel before the bump stops hit.  Oh also at about 52'ish on the speedometer, you are actually doing about 55 MPH.  2011-03-11