1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  So before I do any (rock crawling) off-roading this year I decided it was time to upgrade the wore out driver seat.  As I had the SuperDuty Lariat Drivers Seat handy, I decided to "fit" it into the space, that is if it would fit.  I knew it was a tight almost imposable job as I'd looked at it once before.  I again tried to use the SuperDuties Power tracks, but there was just not enough room.  the calculations showed that the track would need to be lowered about 4" and the rear of the SD seat would need to have an inch spacer added.  It took three (and perhaps not the final) location tweaks to get the position good enough to clear and function.  The end result is a comfortable seat that does reside inboard about an inch further than stock.  2015-04-01

  Picked up a set of hard Doors for the Jeep to complement the bad weather hard top, still need to fabricate the back window.  The doors were white, and in decent shape, it took a little hinge adjustment to get them to fit my jeep wonderfuly.  A couple of typical rust spots that I had to repair before painting.  I also had to replace all the seals, a vent window rubber, an inner door handle and both window cranks.  The upper inner door trim panels were a little rough and the new inner window seal was not designed for them, so I left them off.  2015-11-23