1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  The MIJC made their annual East Trip and to Flat Nasty Off-Road Park in Missouri.  This year I took the Jeep rather than the M37.  The Jeep performed surprisingly well.  I was running 12 psi in the tires, but that turned out to be a little too low for the rear tires with out beadlocks.  Both day I blew a rear tire off the bead, day one on the left, and day to on the right.  On day 1 I heard it and was able to quickly re-air with my on-board air, but when i got up the next morning the tire hadn't properly re-set onto the bead and was flat.  a quick jack and air and it was back on and ready to wheel.  Day 2 I heard it, but was not where I could stop and figuring I hadn't completely blow it off the bead I proceeded up the trail.  that is until all forward motion stopped and I was made aware of the now flat tire.  I winched my self up to a flat area, and with the Hi-Lift jack and my on-board air was able to have the tire back on the bead and ready to wheel again.  I did get my self high centered on the rocks in the creek and had to be pulled off, and that was likely when I made the two dents in the transmission oil pan, fortunately no leaks.  I even tackled some of the black diamond trails like trail 16, 18 and 21!  the Little low slung almost stock YJ with all the power of the bored and stroked 4.6L performed beyond when I had expected.  No I need bead locks and a 2" spring lift.  2015-04-04
  Grandson Edward and I headed to Grandparents Day at his School.  2015-09-19

  Vintage Truck Trailride in Fulton, MO. Great weather, Great Friends and a GREAT TIME! 2015-09- 17/19