1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

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(Yea, I know square headlights)




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  After the re-build and driving it on and off-road, it was clear that with the extra power, and larger tires the brakes needed some help. The best first approach, is to upgrade the Booster and Master Cylinder to a 1995 YJ unit. For 1995 only (last year if the YJ) the Booster and Master Cylinder were upgraded to a dual diaphragm, and a slightly larger bore. I picked mine of from Rock Auto, and cleaned and painted them before the installation. The breaks now work so much better. On a panic stop you think it's going to stand on its nose, and I can lock up and slide the front tires. I can also do a mean break torque burn out now as well. The next brake upgrade will be to Disc ion the rear with the addition of a Ford 8.8 axle. 2014-07-08

  Made a couple of updates to the rear bumper ( safety chain points, and perminate Hi-Lift Jack bushings), then took it along with the spare tire carrier to a media blaster (Pro 1 Motor Sports in Sullivan, IL).  Then II applied the Epoxy Primer.  Not to do the final paint prep and paint them.  Oh, the third part in the pix is a winch bracket I made for my brothers trailer.  2014-07-23

  Spare Tire Carrier assembled, and Painted along with the rear Bumper.  2014-07-25