CJ7 tub Swap Punch List

(list started on 2011-02-04)

To-Do List
Bend and install Brake Lines
Bend and install Fuel Lines and Fuel Pump
Strip and Paint Dash Grab Handle
Paint Dash
Drill hole for Speedometer cable through new tub firewall
Fabricate tub defroster area dash filler
Fabricate front 2" receiver mount for Winch
Fabricate a shifter/tunnel cover plate and attach shifter boots
Install a new rear axle differential seal
Assemble Dash
Repair Tub Mounts and finish frame painting
Install Tub
Wire the rear of the New Tub
Finish Engine side wiring
Reverse Light Switch (sine can't order a replacement for the T18)
Swap Windshield Wiper Motor into new Frame
Install new Steering Column switches
Assemble new BTF Front Fenders
Fabricate Inner Fenders for BTF Front Fenders
Install CJ Tailgate in YJ Tub
Seat Belts
Fabricate a rear bumper
Final Punch List
Change Brake Master Cylinder
Fix NPT fitting brake leak at Brake Shut Off Valve
Install Front Fender Side Lights
Fix any Issue related to blown Fuel Gauge/Back-Up Light Fuse
Install New Ignition Key Assembly
Install Winch Power Leads on Winch and Jeep and new pin hole
Install Horn, and Fix Horn Button (waiting on spring)
Install wire ends to Rear Dome Lamp Leads
Fabricate Hydraulic Clutch Pass-through Plate and Install
Install Fuel Injection Wire Loom Firewall Close Out Plug
Install new Temperature sending unit
Touch up any of my Painting