1983 Jeep Scrambler - CJ8

It's a 1983 Jeep Scrambler (CJ8) and Equipped with:
258 cu in (4.2 L) In-Line 6
4-speed Transmission: T176
2-speed Transfercase: Dana Spicer 300
AMC 20 Rear, 3.31 Gears
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Wheel Base: 103.5"
Overall Length: 177.5"

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  Went to look at a 1983 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler for a client.  It was in decent shape, just a little odd about rust and no rust.  The frame was in good shape with the obvious rust on it being the left rear body mount area and one left body mount potential issue.  The Tub was in great shape in most area, but the inner rear wheel tubs were Swiss cheese.  The drivers and passengers floor had some typical rust, and there was a dent that had been previously body filled that will need to be fixed.  the doors were rust free, but the passengers door has had some body damage repair.  The passenger fender also has a dent.  The drivers front spring is bent, but the rest of the suspension id in decent shape.  The engine is unmolested and still has a complete and functioning computer controlled carburetor, and the engine starts and runs good, so for.  It looks to have been owned by a Fire Fighter in Colorado for part if not most of it's life, and although it's had a paint job is still the original color.  The Jeep has been in Illinois for the past several years, but the story/history the client and I were given didn't match, so who knows.  2017-11-14

  After I did a little negotiating with he seller, we agreed upon a price, and I loaded the CJ8 up and headed home with the it.  The client will come and take his first in person look at it and decide how much, or little work he want done.  2017-11-14

  After getting the CJ8 home I unloaded it, took a short drive and gave it a little bath before taking some fresh full exterior pictures.  2017-11-16
  Got 7 of the 11 Body Mounts Bolts Out after a lot of soaking and a little work.  One of the remaining mounts will take some work on both the Tub and frame, One will just need a new captured nut, and two will just need a good Nut and washer.